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Stylecraft 9956

Stylecraft 9956

SKU: 9956 Stylecraft


Mitered Square Blanket

The Mitred Square Blanket uses nine shades of our classic Life DK. The striking shades pop against the cream background. This blanket has been inspired by traditional quilting patterns.


You will need: 4mm (UK 8 � USA G/6) hook, sewing needle, scissors

Mitered Square Blanket
56� in square
Life DK, Cream 23056
Life DK, Blue Haze 23461
Life DK, Cascade 23081
Life DK, Copper 23121
Life DK, Fern 23111
Life DK, Lily 24171
Life DK, Mint 23421
Life DK, Pink Lady 22971
Life DK, Zing 23561


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